How to win big name clients with LOVE

Written by Tom Greenwood - April 12, 2016

This weekend we were at WordCamp London 2016, where I gave a presentation on How to Win Big Name Clients with LOVE.

At Wholegrain Digital we have been really fortunate to have worked with a lot of wonderful clients, including some really well known organisations like M&S, Rightmove and UNICEF. I am often asked how we have managed to achieve this, especially considering that we don’t do many of the things an agency would typically do to attract such clients.

The answer is less about our sales technique and more about the positive culture that permeates through everything that our team does. In this episode of the Wholesome Business podcast, I talk about our unique approach to sales, which has been at the heart of our company’s success over the past nine years.

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You can also download the WordCamp presentation slides here.