How to TurboCharge Your Business with a Blog

Written by Tom Greenwood - April 2, 2013

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Mike Pitt, author of How to TurboCharge Your Business with a Blog and he kindly agreed to share some advice for business owners trying to understand how they can get more out of their company blog.  Over to you Mike!

When I speak with business owners and entrepreneurs often they know that they should be blogging to increase the ‘findability’ of their company’s website and build authority in the sector in which they operate.  Most of them also recognise that blog posts have a greater longevity than PPC campaign budgets and deliver ongoing visibility to their businesses. At this point during any conversation I usually raise an eyebrow before asking them politely, ‘Why are they not executing such a strategy? I know the answer – knowing the strategy and executing the strategy are two different things entirely.  Below are five tips to help you execute your blogging strategy successfully.

1. Decide on a Communications Platform

What is your blog going to be about?  90 -95% of your blog posts will be about this subject so choose wisely and consider the longevity of your blog and your intended purpose to promote your business or enterprise.  This platform must resonate with your intended audience.

2. Find Your Blog Voice

There are many writers already in the blogosphere and in your sector but you or your nominated staff members must find your own authentic blog voice.

3. Set Your Blogging Frequency

Consistency is second only to content in determining the potential success of a blog.  I recommend that for the first year your business delivers at least one blog post a week and publishes it in a regular time slot.

4. Delivering Value to Your Readers

You should deliver true value to your readers and help them solve the problems that they face. This is the way to build readership and engagement on social media.

5. Personalising Your Blog

It is quite likely that you are operational in a sector that has a number of trade organisations and regulatory bodies who write blogs.  Your blog has to be different if you are to become an authority in your niche and generate leads. Personalisation is one strategy to create this difference.

These tips are expanded on in detail in my book entitled, ‘How to TurboCharge Your Business with a Blog’, available on Amazon at

I would be happy to discuss the best way to implement any of the above principles with you. Check out my website at and please feel free to contact me.