How many people are using WordPress for building their websites?

Written by Vineeta G - April 5, 2013

Article read time: 2 minutes

According to the latest data out there on WordPress is used by more than 54% of those websites whose CMSs are known. It means that WordPress is used by more people than Drupal, Joomla and vBulletin altogether.

And if we take into account that WordPress is used by 17.4% of all the websites in the world we can easily declare: WordPress is all time’s most popular tool for building websites.

Why is it good for you to use WordPress and not another Content Management System?

You can ask: “Why should I use WordPress. It’s clear that it’s very popular, but is it the best for my site?”

Being the market leader system, WordPress gives you the following opportunities:

Millions of people use WordPress
Millions of people use WordPress
  • As milions of people use WordPress, it raised the need for WordPress developers and designers. These days there are thousands of WordPress developers out there, so if your web guy disappears for any reason, you can easily find somebody else to take on the web development and editing tasks from him/her.
  • Loads of plugins and templates are available for WordPress. More than for any other CMS. As there are millions of users, some companies specialised in making premium extras for WordPress. It also means that with using premium plugins and themes, you get premium support with them.
  • Super-fast development. Is there a security hole in your website? If it is run on WordPress, it is fairly possible that the next patch will solve this issue. If there’s a new technology out there (e.g. login with Facebook or similar), it’s pretty probable that there will be a WordPress plugin available in no time that allows you use this new technology

And – of course – there are millions of other possibilities when you’re using WordPress as your CMS…