We hope our new website is good for you

Written by Vineeta G - February 21, 2014

After many many months we have finally put our new website online.  Client projects are always our top priority and it is therefore no wonder that our own website ends up taking the back seat.  But we got there in the end thanks to Marco’s great design, Lei’s massive effort to code the theme and Ervin, Eugene and Vineeta’s testing that finally got us over the finish line.

It’s a fresh new look, it’s finally responsive and we feel that it is a much better platform on which to showcase the work that we do here at Wholegrain.

I’d also like to thank Fairphone for supplying us with the image used in the mobile section on the homepage.  Although we have used iPhones and other brands of Android phone on other parts of the site, we felt that the homepage should use a device that represents our own team values.  The world’s first and only responsibly designed and produced mobile phone, and it looks great.

Like all good websites, this one will never be finished.  We already have a huge list of things that we want to refine and new ideas that we want to develop, but for now we’ll take a short break to finally enjoy this milestone.