Happy Porch Radio: Greening the Internet and Helping Good People Benefit from Good Design

Written by Rachael B. - April 4, 2018

Billed as ‘The Podcast for Progressive Agency Owners and Web Professionals’, Happy Porch Radio is a regular podcast hosted by Barry O’Kane, who has been in the web development business for almost 20 years.

Like us, Barry is passionate about helping impact driven organisations and regularly interviews agency owners, developers, designers and digital leaders, discussing a wide range of topics focused around delivering value beyond profit.

Barry recently interviewed our Co-Founders, Tom and Vineeta Greenwood, for Season 3, the ‘Purpose Driven’ season, with guests from agencies whose goals are driven by their values to make the world a better place.

In their episode; Episode #17: Greening The Internet and Helping Good People Benefit From Good Design with Tom and Vineeta Greenwood, Tom and Vineeta share how they started Wholegrain Digital, the problem with sustainability businesses that they wanted to address and the values that drive the business. They also explain how these values – our vision and mission – inform everything we do as a business.

Of course, being a B Corporation is a big part of our journey and who we are, so Tom and Vineeta also discuss this. They share the journey of our assessment, how this holds us to account and ensures we really are doing all we can when it comes to sustainability, and the importance of being part of the B Corps community.

Head over to Happy Porch Radio to listen to the full episode and learn more about our exciting plans for the future, including the carbon calculator tool we are working on, to help reduce the environmental impact of the internet.