FREE Eye Tracking Analysis available now

Written by Tom Greenwood - October 4, 2012

We are delighted to announce that as an official agency partner of EyeQuant, we are now able to give you a free eye tracking analysis of your website.

What is an Eye Tracking simulation?

An eye tracking simulation uses a state of the art software to review a web page and identify which elements of the page will grab the attention of a new visitor.

Why would I want a FREE eye tracking analysis?

You would be forgiven for asking “Why do I want a software to show me what grabs attention on my website?  I could just look at it and see what grabs my attention!

The thing is, that isn’t actually true.  When you, your web designer or anyone else you know looks at your website, they don’t see it the way a ‘typical’ person would see it, especially first time visitors.  You know a lot about your company, your website and your industry.  As hard as you try, it is impossible to make a rational assessment of exactly what will grab other peoples attention.

By using a scientific process to evaluate how an average person will visually respond to your website, you can find out whether they are seeing the most important things.  Are they seeing your brand name, can they see what you do, what you key benefits are, and how they can order your product or service?  The purpose of your website is to drive business, so you don’t want to be making assumptions about whether the design is effective, when you could be doing a quick (and FREE) analysis and finding out the truth.

What is the catch?

There isn’t one.  You can get a free analysis of your website on our conversion optimisation page, and you can use the information to review how your website is performing.  If you then want to take it further and develop an enhanced, better performing design using EyeQuant in the design process, we’ll be here to discuss your requirements.