Podcast Episode 3: Happiness is the New Rich

Written by Rachael B. - August 26, 2015

Our third Wholesome Business podcast episode had us really living some of our core values of collaboration, community and experimentation in business, as we tried out our first two-way podcast conversation with Andrea Darabos.

Andrea is a business design consultant and the founder of Lean Advantage, a company that helps businesses deliver with the customer at heart. She is also a member of Happy Melly, a network of professionals with the shared purpose of helping people to become happier at work.

In this episode, we talk about the origins of and visions for both Lean Advantage and Wholegrain Digital, discuss why business values need to be redefined, explore the myth of work/life balance and agree that happiness (in life and work) is “the new rich”.

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Lean Advantage – Andrea set up her innovative business design company when she moved to London three years ago
Happy Melly – A network of companies and individuals dedicated to exploring the issue of happiness and well being at work