Podcast Episode 2: Healthy Positioning

Written by Rachael B. - August 18, 2015

Following our first Wholesome Business podcast last month with Fabio Torlini, we couldn’t wait to meet and learn from even more people who are making business a holistic part of a healthy and happy life and achieving positive change in the world.

Last week, we caught up with Ameet Bhakta, a passionate posture therapist who runs his own business at Health through Posture. Ameet helps people live life pain free using the Egoscue method, a form of posture correction therapy founded in 1978 by Peter Egoscue.

In this podcast, we speak to Ameet about staying pain free in an office environment, learn about the very personal journey behind his lifestyle business, discuss the importance of following your passions and more.

You can listen using the player below or find and follow our Wholesome Business podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.


Tony Robbins – Ameet credits Tony Robbins as being instrumental in the life changes he has made.
Pain free – Ameet recommends Peter Egoscue’s book for those wishing to be proactive and take preventative measures.