What Do We Mean by Enterprise Wordpress?

Written by Tom Greenwood - April 11, 2017

At Wholegrain Digital, we specialise in Enterprise WordPress. It’s a nice, fancy buzz word, but what do we actually mean by Enterprise, and how is it different from regular old WordPress?

We define Enterprise WordPress as:

The application of WordPress as a robust solution to organisational requirements

The two key words here are robust and organisational.

Robust WordPress Solutions

The foundation of everything that we do as a team is the concept of robustness. This not only means technical solutions that are strong and healthy, but also design solutions that are equally robust.

This encompasses efficient, well-organised and easy-to-maintain code, scalability, stability, and high levels of security.  It also encompasses efficient, pleasurable user experiences, first-class brand communication, SEO and conversion optimisation. Not to mention, solid maintenance processes and excellent customer support.

Enterprise WordPress requires:

  • Thinking carefully about how the site can be structured to meet the needs of the client using tools like WordPress Multisite and custom user roles.
  • Creating carefully designed CMS interfaces that give the client enough flexibility to feel empowered but not so much as to be confusing and dangerous.
  • Taking a pragmatic approach to plugins to balance cost vs benefits not just in the short term but also as the site is maintained and scaled over the long term.
  • Following a design process that unifies the real needs and desires of the user with the organisational goals of the client.
  • Designing websites so that they look and work beautifully for humans, while being efficient to code and maintain.
  • Helping the client to make informed choices about how to achieve the security, speed, reliability and scalability that they need without wasting money on things they don’t need.
  • Providing transparent and proactive support where the client and agency collaborate together as true partners for the mutual success of the project.

We understand that a website is a major investment and that it’s essential that it delivers real value. By striving for the highest standards in all areas, we can deliver solutions that meet the stringent requirements of our clients and that help them to perform better as organisations.

WordPress for Organisations

We make the distinction of working with organisations because WordPress is a huge community, ranging from individuals with a hobby blog on WordPress.com to advanced, high-traffic websites for large corporations such as Network Rail or Ecover. As an enterprise WordPress agency, we specifically focus on the organisational end of the spectrum, encompassing businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and government bodies that take their web presence seriously.  Organisations who understand the importance of thorough planning, user-centric and goal-focused design, well-structured code and ongoing maintenance.

In summary, Enterprise WordPress is simply WordPress implemented to the highest standards to achieve the goals of an organisation.