The End of Adobe Business Catalyst: The Perfect Time to Migrate to WordPress?

Written by Wholegrain Team - April 16, 2018

If you’re a customer of Adobe Business Catalyst, you may be surprised and concerned at their recent announcement that the all-in-one CMS will be discontinued on 26th March 2020, along with Adobe Muse. While Adobe revised the closure date to 26th March 2021 after feedback from businesses to allow more time for the changeover, the fact remains that those using the platform need to start making plans soon to ensure a smooth transition without disruption to their online businesses.

If your website (or websites) currently runs on Adobe Business Catalyst, you may be fretting over the transfer of your site and potentially massive amounts of data to a new platform. Not to mention learning an entirely new CMS in the process.

However, because the transition will require a full or partial rebuild on an alternative platform, it also offers you an opportunity to upgrade and modernise your website. As WordPress experts, we’re naturally a little biased in thinking that WordPress is the ideal CMS to make your website even better. But the benefits of WordPress over other CMS like Adobe Business Catalyst is the reason we decided to specialise in it in the first place.

Comparing WordPress with Adobe Business Catalyst

Back in 2011, Vineeta wrote a post comparing WordPress to Adobe Business Catalyst. Like everything, there are pros and cons to both systems, but the key advantage of WordPress is that it’s open source, which means there are thousands of developers across the world constantly working to improve the platform and make it even more robust. This means WordPress isn’t vulnerable to the decisions of a single corporation.

The Adobe Business Catalyst end-of-life decision exemplifies the risks of using a ‘closed source’ solution, especially one hosted by the provider. This leaves you with neither ownership nor control over your sites, should the provider make the decision to terminate the platform.

The Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used and fastest growing CMS in the world, accounting for almost 30% of the entire internet. It’s free, easy to use, and offers a host of free and paid plugins so you can customise the site to your exact requirements. It also offers excellent integration with a host of digital marketing tools. Plus, with WooCommerce, your site can be easily transformed into a full ecommerce business.

What’s more, with the rise of excellent value managed WordPress hosting companies, it’s easy to keep on top of maintenance and security updates. And should the hosting company close down, it’s quick and simple to move to another.

Transferring Your Site to WordPress

When transferring your site from Adobe Business Catalyst, you need to consider several things when deciding on a new CMS, including your future needs, required systems integrations, and IT environment. For many businesses, WordPress is well worth consideration.

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of transferring your business website from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress or would like to discuss a migration, get in touch with us for a chat. As pioneers of the London WordPress agency scene, we have over a decade’s experience in using WordPress as an enterprise business CMS. We can talk you through the best options for your business website and provide full support throughout the changeover process.