A simple custom website in less than an afternoon? Possible!

Written by Vineeta G - November 10, 2014

It was 2.30pm, I was working on my current projects when Tom sent me a message on Skype: “I had a call from Go Ahead (the bus/train company that we did the GTR website for). They have an ’emergency’ project that they want done this afternoon, but it is actually quite simple”.

They wanted to launch the site the next day, so we had less than an afternoon’s time to finish it…

Moreover, at that point we had no approved designs, so Tom quickly created a mockup for it. As it was a really urgent project, I started coding it at 4pm, although the designs were still not approved (I was able to start with the parts that were less design related).

Thanks for our yet-to-be published WP Theme Framework called ‘NUTS’, the development time was only a few hours (together with the testing in different browsers and on mobiles). Yes, it is responsive, too – as the NUTS Starter theme will be responsive by default…

So everything was ready in the evening on the same day, you can see the results here:

Maybe not a complicated site, but we made it in an afternoon – covering the following steps:

  • work requested from the client
  • initial discussions (even if those were really short)
  • initial designs
  • creation of a simple WordPress theme based on the NUTS Starter theme
  • a tiny modification of the design (yes, it was also requested by the client during the development)
  • some responsive coding
  • testing under various IE versions, Firefox, Chrome, mobile Safari and Android
  • registering the domain name for the site
  • launching the site at http://www.go-ahead-singapore.com/

Of course, it was a really simple job, but shows us well that if everything is in its place, we can deliver really fast.

Key points were:

  • Fast decisions on both sides
  • We had a framework, so didn’t have to start from zero
  • The power of WordPress
  • Good communication