How do you choose the right London WordPress agency for your project?

Written by Vineeta G - February 27, 2019

You’ve been tasked with finding the right WordPress agency for your project. Many in this situation are unsure about where to begin. When we started out we were London’s first specialist WordPress agency, but 15 years later you’re likely to be spoiled for choice! 

There is often a lot riding on web design projects. If there are various stakeholders to impress, choosing the right web design company can become a stressful task – and all too often, this responsibility is left on one person’s shoulders.

This post will help you choose the London WordPress agency that works for your project, by highlighting:

  • What you should look out for
  • Potential warning signs and what to avoid
  • What criteria to use after some agencies have pitched to you, to ensure you strategically decide which one will be the best fit


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We’re based in central London on the Strand in Somerset House.

We’ll assume you’ve already got as far as deciding on WordPress – that’s a great choice! WordPress powers a third of all sites on the internet, it’s fast, flexible and secure, and there are many specialist WordPress agencies (like us!). You’ll still need to choose the right WordPress agency for your project, though. So let’s get straight onto your tips.

1. You have a great rapport from the start

Perhaps the most important factor is rapport: do you get along? The importance of this cannot be understated. Your teams will be working together on a complex project, so making sure the relationship is healthy is of utmost importance.

Team working together in Somerset housePay attention when you meet in person. Does the agency get along with your colleagues? Is there a natural flow to how you work together? Do they seem genuinely interested in your business? Use your best judgement and go with your gut. If you don’t get along well at the beginning, this is unlikely to change once the project begins.

In a similar vein, it is important to work with an agency that has similar values to you. Paying someone isn’t always going to make them care, so try to find the agency that is right for your business.

2. Your WordPress agency should do excellent work

The agency you choose should take pride in their work. They will make an effort to create the best user experience possible and put that at the forefront of their design, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They will be dedicated to technical perfection and will not settle for solutions that are merely good enough.

Ask agencies who pitch to you how they have handled complex design, UX and technical challenges, or to explain in detail how their websites stand the test of time.

High quality work might not always be the cheapest option, but agencies that cut corners may leave you with a half-baked result that needs to be redesigned again sooner than you think.

3. Referrals are the most honest review you will get

It goes without saying that the most honest review of an agency comes from their customers.

If you are scoping out companies to work with, speak with friends, or take to LinkedIn to ask for recommendations. If you can get an honest review of an agency from someone you trust, you will have a stronger leg to stand on when deciding to work with them. Ask the agency to speak to a specific client who you think has similar needs to your project. 

A big proportion of our new clients come from referrals, which is how we’ve managed to grow organically and create a sustainable business without ever advertising. Our B-Corp status has also given us many wonderful opportunities to collaborate with like minded organisations.

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4. Tease out who has relevant experience

If your project has specific requirements, it’s nearly always best to consult an agency with experience in that area. Does your business need a large e-commerce website? Are you a charity looking to increase online donations?Are you an international organisation looking to consolidate your web presence?

Although a full service web agency might have a great team, they could lack experience in these specialised areas. Working with a knowledgeable company will really make a difference if your project has certain requirements, as they will know the latest trends and what to avoid.

If you are hunting for a specialist agency, make sure they are able to back up their claims with real examples and results.

5. Does your agency have their finances in check?

Running an agency is a stressful pursuit, and often they are faced with significant cash flow issues. Debts can easily make an agency go bust and if that happens in the middle of your project, you could be left in the lurch.

Agencies that have stood the test of time are your best option to try to avoid this scenario. They are more likely to be in a good place financially. This could mean paying slightly more than rates offered by a start-up agency, but it can be worth it when it comes to insuring the safety of your project.

We started our business with sustainability at our core and that means not just the environment, but also finances.  It’s why we have grown organically with healthy cash reserves at all times and never taken on any debt.

6. Honesty is always the best policy

When you speak with a web design agency, you should feel like you get to know them, their team and their values. You should never feel like an agency is hiding something from you or being deliberately vague – this is usually a bad sign.

An agency should be upfront about their business and clarify what in-house expertise they offer. Many agencies take on projects only to outsource chunks of work to cheaper suppliers. This can mean that the final result is disjointed and poor quality.

A good agency will be honest with you and will turn down a project if they don’t have the people power necessary to do the job well. At Wholegrain, we believe transparency is best. We also have an established ethical policy, as our ultimate goal is to create a company that has a positive impact on the world.

Now you know how to choose your WordPress agency

To recap, when searching for a WordPress agency, make sure that you find a team of genuinely kind individuals who have a great rapport with your team. They should be interested in finding the best possible solution for your project and have high standards for the quality of their work. Asking for referrals could be a great starting point.

If you have specific requirements, it’s highly advised to look for agencies with relevant experience. If not, you should still ensure that the agency is financially stable and is upfront about their in-house capacity and capabilities.

Of course, if you think we may be the right agency for your next project, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re a London WordPress agency that is design led and put purpose and people above profit.