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Art focused design to elevate ocean research

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Project overview

Another perfectly aligned project for Wholegrain, One Ocean Hub – an international programme of research for sustainable development – contacted us to help them create a brand new website. Inspired by our work on the Gender, Justice and Security Hub, they asked us to help them better promote their vision and their work towards this.

The result of this collaboration is a beautiful online experience, elevated with beautiful graphics that incorporate artwork from the climate conscious artists who worked on previous versions of the Ocean Hub website.


  • Art focused design 
  • Accessible research hub
  • Flexible page layout


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Our new website is already getting a lot of compliments, so I can only thank the Wholegrain family for a job well done.

Laura Merilainen

Art focused design 

One of the Hub’s main research themes is ‘Ocean Culture,’ which advocates that art, in all its forms, is a powerful vehicle to elevate the views of marginalised groups. 

Their aim is to give voice to those who are most impacted by, and yet often underrepresented in global conversations about, the issues affecting our oceans today.

With this in mind, One Ocean Hub challenged us to incorporate art into the new website design wherever possible. 

They have worked with artists in the past, who created beautiful graphics for their previous site. With permission, we lifted this artwork, elevating it into the new site, by incorporating the theme into the new site design. 

Accessible research Hub

As One Ocean Hub spans a lot of different research areas across the globe, the challenge was to present this in an easily accessible way.

Image of the 'where we work' page displayed on a desktop screen and mobile

Making the site easily available in five languages: Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, instantly makes it more internationally accessible.

Site visitors can learn more about the research One Ocean Hub is involved in globally via the map on the homepage, which takes them to each country’s latest research news.

If someone is seeking specific research, this is also easily accessible, via the dropdown menu.

Image of page showing the latest research news for Ghana

Flexible page layout

The modular page layout makes it easy for the One Ocean Hub team to update the site with new research news and updates at any time, allowing them full control over their site’s content.

Image of the Environmental and human rights law page

It was genuinely a pleasure to work with such a talented team of friendly, devoted professionals. Revamping a website felt like a stressful project at first but Wholegrain’s team made sure the project ran smoothly as they guided us through the process week by week.

Laura Merilainen

Laura Merilainen