Free Sustainable Web Design book for charities

We want to help more charities adopt sustainable practices in their digital projects, so we are offering a FREE copy of the book ‘Sustainable Web Design,’ by our co-founder Tom Greenwood, to UK based charities and non-profits.

Hand holding a copy of the Sustainable Web Design book

We’re on a mission to green the web and to help the world’s most positive organisations achieve their missions. We do this through our work creating websites for purpose-led clients.

As a small agency, we know that our own client work alone will never be enough to green the web. That’s why we share so much content on our blog and create free tools like Website Carbon and the Digital Declutter Toolkit to inspire change across the digital sector. It’s also why our co-founder Tom Greenwood wrote Sustainable Web Design.

We have limited copies to give away, so please limit requests to one book per person or two books per charity.

Simply fill in the form below to request a free copy and we’ll pop it in the post.

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If you are looking to embed digital sustainability in your current website or start your digital sustainability journey, we would love to be involved!

Contact our digital sustainability lead, Marketa, to find out how we can help you with your next project.

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