WordPress web hosting Granu.la launched

Written by Tom Greenwood - July 13, 2012

Wholegrain’s Granula hosting service is a dedicated WordPress hosting solution designed for serious business websites that need a level of performance and reliability not available with standard hosting services.

wordpress hosting

The key features of our hosting solution are:

  • Advanced page acceleration for WordPress, making your website load faster
  • Industry leading security (see below)
  • EU data sovereignty for complicance with European privacy regulations
  • Maximum uptime on the Firehost cloud infrastructure (London data center)

The hosting includes Firehost Cloud Security, which is regarded as the most robust cloud security platform on the market. It includes:

  • Application firewall: monitors all activity within your software (ie WordPress), in addition to traffic entering the server
  • DDOS protection: This is where a hacker tries to crash the site by flooding it with traffic. In this event, the system detects the malicious traffic and redirects it to a dummy server to protect your site from overload
  • Secure Cisco VPN: To access your FTP or cPanel, you will need to login to a secure VPN (desktop login) before you can login to FTP or cPanel. A lot of hacks are achieved by cracking the cPanel or FTP password, so this eliminates this risk

Granula hosting is billed monthly in advance on a rolling basis unless otherwise agreed. There is no minimum contract but if you wish to cancel your hosting contract you must provide 30days notice.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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