Vineeta’s Wholesome Lunch Special

Written by Wholegrain Team - December 1, 2016

As you’re probably aware, we’re a wholesome bunch here at Wholegrain with a passion for sustainable living. In addition to caring about the wellbeing of our planet, we also care about looking after our bodies, nourishing them with healthy, wholesome food.

Which is why Vineeta’s special sandwich has become something of a Wholegrain institution.

Dreamt up by Vineeta and put together by the delightful, yet famously grumpy Portuguese lady who works at our local sandwich bar, The Sandwich Shop at Café Opera behind Her Majesty’s Theatre (where Phantom of the Opera runs), the Vineeta special will tantalise your taste buds and nourish your body and mind. Plus it’s vegan friendly too!

In the spirit of being as open as our favourite open source CMS (and because we think it’s too damn good to keep to ourselves), here’s the Vineeta special for you to recreate:

  • Take one brown bap, slice open, and toast it under the grill
  • Lovingly spread a thin layer of olive oil over both sides
  • Pack the inside with nutritious avocado, red onion (to boost your brain cells), and grilled mushrooms, aubergines, courgettes, and peppers
  • Sprinkle with chopped up sun-dried tomatoes and capers
  • Garnish with basil
  • Grill for 3-4 minutes.

Then tuck in and enjoy!

And if you find yourself wandering around the Royal Opera Arcade in London SW1, pop into our favourite sandwich shop and try one of the original and best for a bargain £5!


If you’re gluten-intolerant or have a craving for a hot, nourishing jacket potato (and in this weather, who would blame you!), the lovely Amina, project manager and Wholegrain photographer, has her own ‘Sandwich Shop’ specialty to share.

Her jacket potato is piled high with grilled veggies, avocado, mushrooms, chillies, cucumber and lettuce, and decorated with a little chilli sauce for extra kick.

Mmmmmmm. You’re welcome!

If you try our either of these scrumptious recipes, we’d love to hear what you think of them. And if you have your own healthy, wholesome lunch recipes, please spread the love and share your luscious lunchtime favourites below…