Sustainable Web Design book is officially launched!

Written by Tom Greenwood - February 9, 2021

It’s been roughly 1.5 years since I started working on the initial proposal to A Book Apart for a book on Sustainable Web Design. I had to keep it quiet for the first year until we announced it in December, and then opened for pre-orders in early January. It’s been a long and fascinating road, and I am delighted to announce that finally, today, the book is launched!

You can buy it online from A Book Apart as a hard copy or eBook. Those people who pre-ordered will be receiving their copies imminently.

It’s very exciting to add Sustainable Web Design to my collection of titles from A Book Apart at home

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped this book become a reality. Although my name is on the front, it is the incredible work of my team here at Wholegrain Digital that inspired me to even think that this book was possible, through their pioneering work in sustainable web design, and it is very much our shared endeavour. Likewise, I have been overwhelmed by the support and positivity of so many people in our industry who have inspired me and helped me bring this book to life.

My hope for this book has always been to help put sustainability on the agenda of the digital industry, so that we can ensure that our work is truly a part of the solution to the climate and ecological emergency.

I hope that it inspires positive change and provides practical advice to help people take action to create a web that is better for both people and planet.

So what’s in the book?

Like all book from A Book Apart, Sustainable Web Design has been written to be both informative and enjoyable, not to mention concise – I know you’re busy!

It comprises seven chapters, starting from an introduction to sustainable web design as a concept and presenting the case for why it is needed. The following four chapters cover the practicalities of how we can measure sustainability in web projects, how we can design and develop more sustainable websites, and how we can choose more sustainable hosting solutions. Chapters six focuses on how we can sell sustainability as something worth pursuing in digital projects – to our clients, employers and colleagues. And the final chapter explores how our changing climate may impact the reliability of the internet itself and why we need to think ahead to create resiliency.

Whatever your role in digital projects, the book provides a starting point for taking real action to make your work better for both people and planet.

You can order it now!