Going Beyond Circularity with IDEAS FOR GOOD

Written by Georgie Monaghan - June 21, 2023

At the beginning of June, we were delighted to host a group of Japanese businesses attending IDEAS FOR GOOD’s 2023 Beyond Circularity Tour. The tour was a social good experience programme to allow people to actually see and feel the tactile sustainability that cannot be conveyed through text alone – so we were utterly honoured to be invited to be involved and over the moon to take part!

Visiting organisations across the UK, France and The Netherlands, the group were able to meet more than 20 businesses and people who are working on the circular economy from various different perspectives, rethinking our current approach.

Team Coach Chris shows the team from Harch (Japan) and their guests around Somerset House as part of the Beyond Circularity 2023 tour
Photo by Masato Sezawa / IDEAS FOR GOOD

We kicked off our session with a very standard form of meeting for our team coach, Chris – a walking meeting. Taking the team on a walk around Somerset House’s central quad, Chris gave the team the background as to why Tom and Vineeta founded Wholegrain Digital 16 years ago and the learning culture we’ve adopted to nurture our team and grow our core service offerings. 


Following this we regrouped to share more depth around what digital sustainability means to us, why it is important and how we work with our clients. We had some very enthusiastic chats around the power of the B Corp community – a huge congratulations to Harch Ltd. (IDEAS FOR GOOD’s parent company) for becoming a B Corp, one of only 26 in Japan at time of writing!

The Wholegraon Digital team presenting to the team from Harch Japan.
Photo by Masato Sezawa / IDEAS FOR GOOD

It was fun to get to know how different businesses approach sustainability, noting the similarities across aligned values. We also enjoyed answering the team’s questions around all aspects of life at Wholegrain – from the types of clients that we work with through to specific elements of our culture that we hold dear, such as our regular team days and our open supportive working environment

We can’t thank the Harch team and their guests enough for taking the time to visit us and we hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we enjoyed hosting them.