Making a community website to empower those working towards a Zero% carbon,100% digital supply chain

Image of the Zero100 website homepage

Project overview

Providing unique content, learning programs, events and connections for members working towards a zero carbon supply chain, community based education and research platform, Zero 100, had a lot of content that it needed to make available to its members. 

We worked with the team to create an impactful, informative website that highlights what Zero100 stands for and makes it easy for members to educate themselves and their teams, and share best practice with the wider community.


  • Striking UX design
  • Super speedy page loading
  • Learning Lab (LMS) membership portal
  • CMS Training


CO2 per homepage view


Lighthouse Accessibility score


Page load time

Image of the full homepage of the Zero100 website

To really engage visitors to the site with the content, we created a ‘Game Board’, with hover animations, which encourages you to select the area you wish to focus on (such as ‘Resilient Sourcing’ or ‘Design for Repair’).

Selecting any topic then invites you to log into ‘access gated content’, via the Learning Lab (Zero100’s LMS).

Image of the 'Game Board' from the Zero100 website

Below the game board, the site also pulls some of the video content from the LMS, and the headlines from the latest learning modules, to further engage potential members with its content.

Image displaying some of the video clips from Zero100s LMS

The Insights page showcases the latest news and opinion pieces from Zero100 team members and other leading experts.

All of the pages are created using flexible content blocks, allowing the Zero100 team to amend and upload new resources at any time.

Image of Zer100's 'Insights' page

Learning Lab

We designed the landing page for Zero100’s LMS, ‘The Lab’, to highlight the three different types of learning content: Connecting with like-minded thinking (Approach), exploring inspiration and ideas from peers and experts (Action) and learning of and leading future-facing initiatives to help you become a Zero100 supply chain (Ambition).   

A short embedded video beneath these invitations to engage further explains the benefits of being a part of the Zero100 community.

Image of Zero100's 'Learning Lab' landing page