Wordcamp Brighton Sets an Eco-friendly Example

Written by Tom Greenwood - August 10, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the first ever WordCamp Brighton. I am a big fan of WordCamp events and the incredible sense of community that they help to foster. However, I have always had concerns about their environmental impact and wished that a community as progressive as WordPress would focus on making these events more sustainable.

My wish came true at WordCamp Brighton, which lived up to the city’s reputation as one of the UK’s most progressive and eco-friendly cities.

WordCamp Brighton cotton tote bags with fairtrade bananas
Photo Credit: Annette Völckner

To start with, the event was located very close to the train station, encouraging use of public transport. The usual collection of useless throwaway swag was replaced with organic cotton t-shirts and a tote bag for each attendee, which contained a reusable bottle and coffee cup. It also contained a set of glue free post it notes, which initially I thought was a gimmick and now I’m a big fan off. These eco-friendly gifts not only displaced the usual disposable cups at the event, they also could (and will, in my case!) be used again and again afterwards.

Eco-friendly Eating

Sustainable choices also extended to more considered catering for this event. The entire lunch menu was vegetarian, with plenty of vegan options, and the plates and cutlery were all biodegradable. It just shows how a little bit of thought and effort can make a big difference.

I cannot express how impressed I am with the organizers of WordCamp Brighton, and I hope that this becomes a model that’s followed by other WordCamps in the UK and abroad.